HempNaturals Inc

About Hemp Naturals Inc

Hemp Naturals Inc. (HPMM) is a real estate company that uses bespoke building plans to develop lands or reconstruct dilapidated buildings to greatly enchance their lifespan.

The essence and values of HempCrete is the major benefit of our services in every building we develop. We are currently erecting a four-unit building in Miami, Florida as we hope to extend our services tentacles and coverage to other places in the country.

Our business operations span through a systematic process of purchasing empty lads, clearing and preparing it for development, drawing and designing the building plans, and finally erecting the building for commercial purposes.

We can decide to sell, rent, or lease the building depending on its location and other variables, too.

Fortunately, companies like Hemp Naturals, Inc. (HPMM) are working on the innovative and environmently friendly forms of construction.

The lifespan of a building made of concrete, steel, or wood is shorter than that of a flesh-and-blood human. According to the U.S Department of Energy, the average office building lifespan in 2008 was 73 years.

The primary cause of this insignificant lifespan span of buildings which are supposed to last for hundreds of years is not far-fetched from the materials used during their construction.

This, in turn, prompted the need for Realtors and building construction professionals (Engineers and Architects) to seek the ultimate sustainable building material that can stand the test of time.

The quest to provide this need is the primary reason why Hemp Naturals Inc. was established.

We exist to bring game-changing technological solutions and advancement to the Real estate Industry in the United States of America..

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